Saturday, October 18, 2008

That was no tiger — that was Tigger!

A tiger that surprised a North Devon cyclist has been tracked down and it's just a big old softie.
Last week the police were contacted by Adam Dobby after he saw what he took to be an adult tiger in the back of an estate car.
Mr Dobby, a teaching assistant, was convinced the animal was real when he saw it in Bideford in a car near the Heywood roundabout.
The Bideford College employee said the animal was lying down in the back of the car, which had no cage, and its head was definitely moving.
But after seeing the article, Terry Western from Clovelly contacted the police and confirmed it was his tiger and it was only a toy.
He said: "It does look very real and almost everybody does a double-take. I have always kept the tiger — who is called Tigger — in the boot of my car. It is just nice to show him off. I have another one called Toby who lives on my porch."
Terry, 69, was given the tigers about five years ago because he loves the animals.
He has previously been to Thailand where he was able to meet tiger cubs.

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