Friday, June 12, 2009

Super Sensitive

The beaming smile on Molly Harrad's face marks her out as a happy and fun-loving 10-year-old.
That she is able to keep smiling quite so readily is testament to the schoolgirl's determination.
For Molly is allergic to modern life.
She is not just allergic to an alarming array of food products, but to a host of man-made materials - meaning that something as simple as walking across carpet can trigger painful blistering.
While what she eats can trigger an agonizing reaction internally, what she touches can trigger a similar response on the outside.
Even picking up a telephone, handling coins or holding a pen can make her skin flare up.
So severe are her allergies that Molly has to wear cotton gloves all the time, even in bed, to minimize the rick of coming into contact with any potentially harmful surfaces.
She has given up wearing shoes, because the rubber in the soles of ordinary shoes - even through leather insoles - makes her feet blister.
Her catalogue of allergies has bewildered doctors, who believe that had she been born a century ago she would not have the same array of problems.
It was just days after Molly's birth that parents Louise Robson and Derek Harrad realized their little girl was unwell.



Anonymous said...

Poor Girl

Anonymous said...

Yes, what a poor girl indeed. But her smile show that she can cope it. She looks nice with those white cotton gloves on her hands.