Monday, July 27, 2009

Cat dials emergency 999

A cat sparked a full-scale emergency after stepping on a phone and dialing 999.
Watson, a one-year-old Bengal, trod on the handset and then somehow hit the redial button four times.
Police raced to the address and spotted a smashed vase when they peered through a window. Fearing a burglary they broke down the door.
Owner Lauren O'Shea, 23, an animal nursing assistant, said: "A friend saw all commotion at my flat and called me.
"I hurried round there and the police told me they thought there had been a burglary.
"I immediately said, 'I bet it was the cat'. When we first moved in he would play a lot with the phone."
Lauren, of East Preston, West Sussex, added: "When we first moved in, the cat would play with the phone a lot - so we used to try to hide it from him."
Clumsy moggy Watson, who Lauren took from an animal rescue center, redeemed himself when he won second prize at a Bengal cat show at the weekend.

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