Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clamper van got clamped and towed... priceless!

For many motorists, these pictures of a prolific wheel-clamping firm’s van being clamped for having no road tax will be regarded as poetic justice.
An employee of Southend-based LBS Enforcement, which has demanded substantial payment from hapless motorists across the region, got a taste of their own medicine.
Southend Council spotted the car and swooped. The vehicle was clamped, towed away and impounded.
As it happened, an LBS tow truck arrived on the scene...seemingly just too late to save its own vehicle.


Isabella Pospisil said...

The incident only goes to show that the 'no parking' rule applies to all. Parents, most especially, should act as good role models for the youth to emulate as regards following parking regulations. Familiarizing yourself with the designated parking areas in your neighnorhood will be a great help.

Clipping Path said...

Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hale Magazynowe said...

Smile everyone!

Greetings from Poland <3
Hale Magazynowe