Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pet for the day

Name: Kitty
Age: Twelve years old

Gender: Female
Kind: Russian Blue

Home: Vancouver, Washington, USA

My name is Kitty because as I got older I still remained a small cat and the name Kitty just stuck. I think I am almost twelve years old now, but my owner doesn't remember and neither do I.

My favorite thing to do is sleep. When I am not sleeping I sometimes pretend to be asleep. I am strictly an indoor cat but one time I got out and it was awesome! I enjoy sitting on top of doors, chasing dust mites, sleeping on the heater vents, sitting on or around the computer when my owner is trying to use it, and watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

While I really love my owner and she thinks I depend on her, little does she know that I can actually open doors by myself and get into the treat bag without her help. I am the most wonderful companion, she tells me, and I have really enjoyed my life so far.

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