Friday, June 1, 2007

Woman charged four trillion dollar postage

We are all paying more for postage these days, but one Bartlett woman discovered she had been charged nearly 5 trillion dollars to send a UPSP priority package.Kathy Poletti didn't have any plans to go out of town for the memorial day weekend, and says that's a good thing. On Monday she received an email from her bank stating her accounts had been frozen due to illegal check card activity. "I glanced at it and thought I ought to check it out and see if I see anything unusual," said Poletti.

Woman Charged Four-Trillion-Dollar Postage

Poletti called her bank and listened to an automated recording of her pending transactions ... And that's when she heard something very unusual. The automated voice told her there had been a cheque card purchase for $5.25 cents from the U.S. Postal service along with a 4 trillion, 719 Billion, 449 million, 550,000, 662.000 purchase.Poletti spent much of the morning on the phone with her bank and was assured there was nothing wrong with her account. In fact, they couldn't explain what had happened. "I have no idea where that 4 trillion came from. I would like it deposited in my bank at least some of it," she said.

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