Monday, December 17, 2007

Giant love spoon world record

A 44ft (13.41m) love spoon being carved outside Cardiff Castle is due to be completed in the next few days. Ed Harrison from Pontsian, Ceredigion, is attempting to break the world record for the largest wooden spoon which currently stands at 25ft 9in (7.86m). Using a chainsaw, Mr Harrison is carving the spoon out of a felled Red Cedar tree from the Caerphilly area. It has taken him over a week to finish the spoon which features a heart, cage, dragon and links, all symbolising love. Welsh love spoons, which date back to the 17th Century, were traditionally given as a declaration of love or to commemorate a marriage, anniversary or birth. You can see more of Mr Harrison's work on his website, and while there is no doubt that he's a master at carving wood, it doesn't look like spelling is his strong point.

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