Monday, December 17, 2007

What do you want for Christmas?

Joy for little girl who wants hair for Christmas
A girl of four has offered to cut off her long hair to help another youngster's Christmas wish come true. Earlier this month, four-year-old Kazia-Leigh Rutherford, who has a disease which makes her hair grow in tufts, wrote a letter to Santa asking for a full head of hair.

Now Morna Francesca Moore, four, and her mother Sanja, 36, of Nottingham, have offered to have their own locks made into hair extensions for Kazia-Leigh.

Mrs Moore, who has dark hair down to her waist, said: 'Having a four-year-old daughter with really long hair made me relate to the story. When I told my daughter, Morna Francesca, about it she said: “Mum, I'll give her mine.” She is only four, but she is perfectly ready to do that.' Doctors are baffled that Kazia-Leigh, from Hebburn, Tyneside, has never been able to grow more than a couple of inches of hair. Kazia's family have yet to respond to the offer.

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