Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bits of News

Grandma Arrested For Not Pulling Car Forward
A 75-year-old woman was arrested at a Clearwater McDonald's drive-thru, because police say she wouldn't pull her car forward.
Authorities said Jean Merola, a grandmother of eight, was arrested for disorderly conduct after she refused an officer's orders to move her car while she waited for the coffee and fries she ordered at the drive-through window.
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Elderly Dallas Business Owner Takes Down Burglar
It's unusual for a business owner to catch a burglar in the act and take that criminal down. It's even more remarkable when that business owner is 87 years old.
Before Friday, Al Brewster was known as the owner of one of the city's oldest real estate companies and the largest billboard in Dallas. Now, he's also a proven crimefighter.
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South African man jailed for stealing shoe polish
A man who stole a tin of shoe polish so his little brother would look smart at school has been jailed for a month. Noise Siwela, 29, of Rolle, Limpopo, was found guilty in the Mhala magistrate's court on Thursday for stealing shoe polish worth R12,99 from the Score supermarket in Thulamahashe the previous day. "I stole it for my younger brother as he had no polish for his school shoes. I wanted him to look nice like his fellow pupils because his shoes are ugly," Siwela told the court. He asked for a lenient sentence as he was unemployed. Our parents both live in Gauteng, so it's up to me to look after him," he said. He was unable to pay the option of a R150 fine and was sent to jail.

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