Monday, February 4, 2008

Bridesmaids may be forced to sign pre-nuptial contracts

Bridesmaids may soon be forced to sign contracts agreeing not to put on weight or get pregnant before a friend's wedding.
One in five brides-to-be is so concerned that her bridesmaids might let her down that she would ask her maid-of-honour to sign a written "pre-nuptial agreement", according to a new poll.
Despite the fact that 61 per cent of brides picked a best friend as their choice of bridesmaid and 49 per cent chose their sister, 48 per cent would sack a bridesmaid who failed to stick to the rules.
The survey of 1,000 women, commissioned by You & Your Wedding magazine, asked women which clauses they would put in their contract.
It found that respondents' biggest gripes were with bridesmaids who put on weight, became pregnant or changed their hairstyles before the big day.

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Maria Celeste Manzione said...

good, this is so stupid !!! If u are getting married...people u love should be happy...If "she" is getting a baby is "she" less friend to stay at your wedding ??. What a piece of ad you put !!! Thank u, that type of things make me think about if people has the head in place !!!
With Love