Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bits of News

Man Rides Horse Through Hawaii Hospital
HONOLULU -- Hospital patients always enjoy a visitor or two, but officials said one Hawaii man went too far when he rode his horse into a hospital to visit his father.
A spokesman for Wilcox Memorial Hospital on the Hawaiian island of Kauai said a man called the hospital earlier this month and said he was going to ride his father's horse into the hospital, where his father was a patient.
"He proceeded to take the horse up the elevator up to the nursing floor where he was met by security and our nurse supervisor," said the spokesman. The man, who authorities said appeared, intoxicated at the time, posed for pictures with the horse and an off-duty nurse.
The animal was escorted out of the building after the man's father claimed the horse wasn't his, the spokesman said.
Deputies make emu a jail bird
JESUP IOWA — A Buchanan County sheriff’s deputy discovered Saturday it takes three grown men to prevent an emu from crossing the road. One to tackle its legs, one to hold down its upper body and one to tie it up.
“I had a rope, so we tied its legs up and put a bag over its head,” said Christopher Chesmore, the deputy. “Apparently, I didn’t know that if you put a bag over these things’ heads, it calms them down, it takes the fight out of them.”

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