Saturday, June 7, 2008

Coma victim woken by granddaughter's scream

A woman who was in a coma for six weeks was woken from her condition by her granddaughter’s scream. Devbai Patel, 56, of Neasden, north London, was left unconscious after she was hit by a lorry in a crash which killed the driver. Doctors reduced her sedatives to try to rouse her and her family talked to her, but she showed no reaction, so the medical staff suggested she might respond to her granddaughter Leela, aged 23 months. When they brought Leela in, she screamed to see her grandmother looking so ill, and Mrs Patel immediately opened her eyes. Her husband Kunverji, 57, said: "It's a miracle. We had tried everything but still she did not respond. "We brought in Leela and she was shocked to see her grandma like that, so she screamed and as soon as she did my wife opened her eyes. The doctors could not believe how quickly she got better once she had woken up." Mrs Patel , now recuperating with her family, said: "I'm glad to be home."

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