Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Honest builders hand in £200,000 found hidden in hotel

Two builders found £200,000 cash stashed in an air vent at a city skyscraper - and handed it straight to the police.
The Polish contractors stumbled across the fortune in an air-conditioning pipeline on the top floor of the 26-storey building.
Police are now investigating the mysterious money and have searched a flat in the building.
A source close to the contractors who found the cash said: "The two lads were just going about their work and stumbled across the cash. No one knows how it got there but it seems pretty dodgy to me. Why would anyone leave that much cash in an air vent? The Poles called the police in straight away. It was very honest of them."
"If I found a tenner, I probably wouldn't hand it in, so I can't imagine what I'd do if that much money was knocking about."The Beetham Tower, where the cash was found, is the tallest building in Birmingham. It houses more than 150 luxury flats, while the first 19 floors are home to the 218-room Radisson Hotel.

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