Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bits of News

Firefighter could be fired for saving lives
A firefighter has been warned he could be fired if he uses his medical training to save injured people while carrying out fire calls.
Joe McMahon, a former paramedic who is now a firefighter based in Wimbledon, helped ambulance workers who were struggling to treat five casualties. But instead of being praised, his employers told him he could be fired for misconduct if he used his medical training again.
After a disciplinary hearing he was told he might be sacked and sent a letter which warned: "When you are working as a London firefighter you are ordered not to give any medical treatment except first aid."
Teen ticketed for DWR (Driving While Republican)
Being a supporter of any presidential candidate is typically priceless. But for Cody Hauer, being a Ron Paul supporter may wind up costing more than $550 following four citations in one week from the Owatonna Police Department for having a $40 window decal on the rear window of his Buick Park Avenue. "I support Ron Paul, the city police department doesn't," he said. "They gave me a DWR - driving while Republican." » Article here
Parents Sent Detention Notice After Wrong Button Was Pushed
February 12, 2008
PALM BAY, Fla. -- The parents of all 2,550 Palm Bay High School students received a phone call informing them that their child was due for weekend detention.
There was no coordinated uprising at the school. An accidental push of a button sent the automated call to the homes of the entire student body instead of the intended 16.
One parent didn't believe her son's protests that he had done nothing wrong and took him to school Saturday morning anyway. When they learned of the glitch, Amy Stewart took her son Jimmy to breakfast to make up for it. Assistant superintendent Steve Muzzy called the problem "an unfortunate human mistake."
Mother Gives Birth, Loses 9-Year-Old Daughter On Same Day
February 11, 2008
LEESBURG, FLa. -- A Leesburg mother was in turmoil Monday morning after losing a daughter and giving birth to a son all in the same weekend.
SLIDESHOW: Emotional Mother With Her Newborn Son
RAW INTERVIEW: Mom Gets Emotional Talking About Birth, Loss
Phatisa Steele, 9, was hit by a truck on Friday and was taken off life support Sunday. Police said she was running across Carpenter Avenue when a driver hit her.
Friday night, doctors at Arnold Palmer hospital declared her brain dead. But next door at Winnie Palmer hospital, her mother had just delivered the girl's baby brother a few hours earlier.
"When I wake up in the morning I'm going to cry. When I go to sleep I'm going to cry until I can just fully accept it," said Ramona Carroll, Phatisa's mother.
Eyewitnesses said the driver was on a cell phone at the time of the crash. Police say no one has been charged and the incident is still under investigation.

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