Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Texas spicing up chocolates for Valentine's Day

Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos

Berry Delicious chocolate shop is making their chocolate a little spicier by adding Jalapenos to the mix. Hot chocolate is getting a twist in Texas.

Chocolate-covered Jalapenos are the new Valentine’s Day special for a business owner in Elsa, Texas.

Yvonne Sandoval’s “Berry Delicious” chocolate shop is offering a more searing gift for the romantic holiday.

Although commonly used for Mexican food, Sandoval says the spicy peppers are great for candy as well.

"We've always geared towards the fruit, but this time we said let's try something spicy. So we tried chocolate-covered jalapenos. It's been pretty popular," Sandoval said.

If you’re seeking a steamy present for Valentine’s Day, then “Berry Delicious” should be your next stop.

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